Friday, September 30, 2016

Cousin Jody Tries Out for Jeopardy!

After cousin Jody’s Wheel of Fortune fiasco, he was quite eager to go on other shows. Turns out that once you’ve been on one game show, it’s easier to get on others. And the show producers never do check to see how you did and whether you were successful. They just assume that you were the average contestant who won a little money and had some fun.

They should not have assumed that with Jody. So he heard about auditions to be a contestant on Jeopardy! I says, “Jody, dude, you know I love you. You’re like family to me."So he nods and says, “Yeah, well I am your cousin…soooo."

I smile and nod, “Okay, sure, but the point of this conversation is that you’re not smart enough to go on Jeopardy! Even if you lie and get someone else to take the test and all that, I mean, you know?”

I watched him. He knew what I was talking about but he was prolonging my agony. “So, I’m not the brightest bulb in the drawer? Is that what you’re saying?”

I sighed. “Finally, you get the message. Don’t make a fool out of yourself, man! You won’t get one answer right and then you’ll be that poor slob who couldn’t make it into Final Jeopardy!”

So Jody laughs. “You just don’t get me, do you cuz? After all these years, you still don’t get me.”

I changed my stance. “Jody, baby! You know I do, but sometimes you get these wild-eyed crazy ideas and I have to talk you off the ledge. You know I’m only looking out for you.”

He took two steps forward, reached out and hugged me. “You go with me. The reason I screwed up on Wheel of Fortune is because you weren’t there.” He stepped back. “This time, you go with me and we’ll have a blast.”

I sighed. “Los Angeles... Gawd! My worst favorite place on earth.”

He laughed. “Don’t you mean your least favorite?”

“Nah! I meant worst favorite. If I’m going to LA with you to be on Jeopardy! then I gotta start practicing my crazy right now.”

He laughed and laughed and I did too. Then we went online to check out the test you had to take to be a Jeopardy! contestant. How hard could it be?

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