Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How To Survive An Election When Your Significant Other Supports the Opponent

Well, the election is over. It was a bloody match and it looks like it will take months for our nation to heal. But one thing that’s still intact is my relationship with my boyfriend.

I told him from the beginning that I would NOT discuss politics no matter what. He tried to get me to talk about it too. He would craftily mention little things he’d seen on the news or little talking points that the candidates had been discussing.

One time he came right out and asked, “Who are you voting for?”

But I stood my ground. I refused to discuss the election. “Look,” I said, “we can talk about you farting in bed or me using your razor to shave my legs. But we are NOT discussing the election.”

So, I’m happy to report that my relationship with my BF is still great. In fact, he texted me last night, when everyone knew that all was lost for Hillary and said, “It’s looking better. She could still win.” He said this even though he doesn’t really like her. But he said it to make me feel better.

Regardless of what side you were on, say or do something that makes someone feel better. Don’t rub it in their face! Don’t twist the knife in their back. Be kind. Just this once, say or do something unselfish!!! That’s how our nation will heal … if we start to forgive, let things go, care, pray for each other. Things will start to get better if we can just learn to be kinder and more forgiving.